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Helping Your Young Children Adjust to Moving Home

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So you are moving to a new location, bringing with it new opportunities and new beginnings. Moving home can be a real challenge for some, especially young children.

Switching schools or moving a teenager can prove difficult, but moving young children brings its own set of issues to the table. It is important to help your child to understand that you are not leaving another behind and that you’ll all be together a family once you’ve relocated – this reassurance will provide a lot of comfort. The same goes for toys, teddies and belongings.

Helping a young child to deal with change is about considering how they’re feeling. It is important to listen and to communicate fairly, allowing them to offload any fears which you can help find a solution to. Here are a few ways that you can ease the home moving transition.

"Moving home can be unsettling, but also very exciting, so be sure to highlight that to your children. Change brings new opportunities and adventures."

Consider it from their Point of View

When it comes to helping your toddler adjust, it is important to put yourself in their shoes. Younger children thrive in structured routines, so big changes such as moving house and potentially school may be disorientating. It will be normal for your child to display uncharacteristic behaviour during the process. Many toddlers act out when dealing with change, so be patient with them as they learn to deal with their emotions. A little extra support will go a long way in easing any apprehensions about the move. 

Discuss the House Move

To help smooth the process it is often best to talk to your youngster about the moves well ahead of moving day. This will not only make the goodbye easier to deal with when it arrives, but allow them to process the change internally. This will create a lot less stressful period for everyone involved.

Many young children may not fully grasp the idea of moving, so it is important to prepare them.

Create Excitement about the Move

Moving home can be unsettling, but also very exciting, so be sure to highlight that to your children. Change brings new opportunities and adventures. 

Consider arranging something fun to do in the days after the move, enabling you to sell their exciting new surroundings to them. Look for advantages which your new location has over the previous and sure to play on these. Encouraging your child to see the change as an adventure will go a long way to helping them settle.


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