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3 Tips to Increase the Chance of Selling Your Home

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When you’re looking to move but perhaps finding it difficult sell, it can be difficult to know what to focus on. However, focussing on and up-selling the key benefits of your property will enable as quick a sale as possible, helping you secure that dream new property that has come to the market.

You know the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, reality is that we all do it, so be especially mindful of this. It’s likely that anyone viewing your property will have decided whether they’re interested or not within the first few minutes of catching an eye of the property. It is therefore vital that you take care in preparing your house before you conduct any house viewings, whether they are being completed virtually or in-person. Here are three top house selling tips.

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"Don't forget it's all about first impressions here, so peeling paint, a little damp patch in the bathroom or broken light fittings could create doubt."

It’s Time to Clean

Sounds a bit of a daft one to highlight this, but you’ll be surprised how often it’s overlooked. We’re not talking about throwing the vacuum cleaner around for half an hour, we’re talking about a thorough clean of the house. 

Be sure to make sure there is no stains on carpets, dust on lampshades and grime around the bathroom or kitchen. Pay close attention to the little things, the kitchen cupboard doors, the taps in the bathroom sink etc., as it’s these which are likely to tell the prospective buyer whether they’re need to favour the cost of a replacement kitchen/bathroom. 

It’s also a good idea to consider smells. Be sure to completely air-out the property prior to viewings and perhaps light a candle or two is key rooms. Perhaps even run over the sofa and furnishings with some Febreze. 

Fix any Little Things

It’s unlikely that you’ll have the budget to be fully renovating your home prior to sale, plus who wants that hassle?

However, it’s worth spending a few pounds of fixing things which are obviously broken or damaged. Don’t forget it’s all about first impressions here, so peeling paint, a little damp patch in the bathroom or broken light fittings could create doubt. These inexpensive alterations could go a long way to convincing someone that your home is the one for them!

It’s all about Kerb Appeal

I know, I know, we keep talking about first impressions, but it’s difficult to understate how fickle home buyers can be.

No first impression is more critical than kerb appeal, because everyone wants people to like the look of their home, right?

Walk yourself through this one. Step outside and take a good like at your home, asking yourself what needs freshening up. Perhaps it’s worth jet-washing the patio, planting some flowers or mowing the lawn. Again these are small, quick and inexpensive changes which can make a huge difference.

Final point on this one, where possible, hide the bins! Nobody wants to envisage their bins sitting outside their new home. 


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